A Tragic Honor Roll

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What is it about 27?

As Stupid & Contagious, Caprice Crane's debut novel, winds its way from coast to coast, we join lead characters Heaven and Brady on a side trip to Seattle for a reminiscence on the life and untimely passing of rock legend Kurt Cobain. The looming anniversary of Cobain's death becomes cause for reflection, as Heaven feels the pressure to make something (anything) of her life before she reaches the milestone age of 27. Why milestone? Check out the rock luminaries who have wailed on their last power chord – or abused their last vocal chord – at the tender age of 27...

Robert Johnson
(August 16, 1938)

Brian Jones
(July 3, 1969)

Jimi Hendrix
(September 18, 1970)

Janis Joplin
(October 4, 1970)

Jim Morrison
(July 3, 1971)

Kurt Cobain
(April 5, 1994)